Flyball is a relay race between two teams with four to six dogs on each team. Usually a 5th and 6th dog are used as rotating spare dogs. The dogs are confronted with a start/finish line, four jumps spaced evenly apart. The height of the jump is determined by the smallest (shortest dog in the team).
Starting with the first dog, they run down, jump the four jumps and do a swimmers turn on the box, the force of the dog hitting the box causes it to shoots out a tennis ball. The dogs must try and catch and return with the tennis ball over all four jumps, back through the start/finish line where the next dog starts his run in exactly the same way. This continues until all 4 dogs have finished. Sometimes if a dog makes a mistake it will need to re run, so the race is not determined until all four dogs run without fault or cleanly , then the judge calls a winner of the heat.
Any dog can learn flyball, regardless of breed, shape. Dogs love such as chasing, jumping, catching, retrieving and striving to please their owners. So Flyball is a sport they love to do. Next time you see flyball , Just look at the dogs waiting for their turn, tell me they dont love it !!!!.

Important Information 

* local council requires all dogs on the park to be registered.
* C5 vaccination is required , please show cards on enrolling
* Correct footwear must be worn.we suggest no bare feet or thongs permitted.
*Wearing a soft collar during training is suggested.later on a harness is a great investment
* during wet weather training is cancelled, please contact us if unsure
* Membership with the AFA is required. For insurance purposes

The AFA was formed in 1996, adopting the rules of the North American Flyball Association (NAFA).

The main objective of the AFA is to promote responsible dog ownership through the sport of flyball.
When the general public see how much fun the dogs and the handlers are having, this encourages
them to become involved in organised dog activities like flyball, obedience and agility. 

First Day of Training

We have our normal weekly ground fees, Which we can discuss with you.

The first week is free to beginners , then after the 2nd week we ask you to join the AFA (Australian Flyball Assoc) $30 yearly cost

There is a yearly cost to join Scallywags, this also can be discussed 

Everything you learn is slow, but step by step it will all come together. PROMISE...After all Flyball is a series of tricks, all put together, you will be amazed how quick the dogs learn, and how much they LOVE it. we have a Information Pack for you, have a read, and fill it out and bring along Click on the tab on the left for details on this

Please Bring down a Chair for yourself, A lead for your DOG, soft collar, no choke chains please,

Water for Your dog and a water bowl, a drink for yourself

make sure you have good footwear

Dogs Must be 12 months old to RACE in competitions they are never too young to start learning flyball, we have started some of our pups at 7 weeks of age
basic obedience -Is also expected and taught socialising your dogs is also an important part of our activities
vaccinations are a must... so make sure you have your vet certificate when you come to your first training session.. 

Sydney Scallywags Flyball Inc 
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